We Can Restore Any Clock's Aesthetics and Function

If you have an old clock that has work or has been damaged by the elements, we can restore it.

Expert Restorations

Every type of clock ages differently over time. There are also a wide range of environmental factors that may negatively affect the aesthetic appearance and function of your clock. It takes a restoration expert to take care of and properly restore a clock. Corbitt Baker has over 40+ years of experience restoring all types of clocks. He can return your clock to a like new condition. It will look and function the way it used to. Your clock is a major investment, it is important you protect it.

We Restore All Types of Clocks

Whether an ancient antique clock, or a modern damaged clock, we have the experience necessary to properly restore it correctly and authentically. From large grandfather clocks to small mantle clocks, bring your time piece to us for restorations.