About Me

In 1970; when still in high school, I began my interest in clocks and what made them run and keep time. Growing up I had always been curious about what made mechanical things work, and often took things apart to see how they worked, and was able to reassemble them without problems. The more I discovered about clocks and the history of timekeeping and horology, the more interested I became in this as a hobby. As people found out that I could repair and restore old timepieces. I began receiving requests from everyone to repair their old family clock that hadn't run in years. From that point forwards, my hobby had turned into a small business or what is now known as the "Old Time Clock Shop".

Through the years, I have learned the many varied aspects of proper quality clock restoration and repair. I am familiar with all types of clocks from large grandfather to small mantle clocks, including American, German, French, English, etc. Unlike some clock repair shops, I like to do repairs the correct way and in good manner to keep the clocks' integrity and authenticity intact. This also helps the clock retain its value over time, whether it is already an antique or whether it is an heirloom to come. I like to see clocks cleaned and restored to their best condition; looking good and running properly to enhance our offices, homes and living spaces. I have been able to take what many would consider to be a piece of junk beyond repair and successfully restore it to showroom-working quality. I firmly believe that a nice ticking/ running/ chiming clock in a room is a focal point and adds personality conversation and warmth to any room.